Since corn is one of the most important inputs for protein production, especially poultry meat, the demand for these products is also increasing with increasing demand for corn.

The largest corn producer in the world was the United States, producing 381 million tonnes of corn in 2018, equivalent to 35 percent of the world’s total corn production. China is next in production with more than 254 million tonnes. The largest producers of corn in the world after China and the US are Brazil, the European Union and Argentina, which together account for more than 75% of the world’s maize production.


Corn production

According to data collected over the past 10 years, the average annual corn production in the country has been about 1.5 million tonnes. During this period the highest production was in 2014 with 1.8 million tons. The amount of corn production has decreased after 2014 according to the situation of water resources in the country and according to the planning of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad. In 1977, production in Iran was about 1.2 million.


Export and Import of Corn

The marketing of this important and strategic product is of great value today. This issue has become more acute, especially in recent years, due to economic crises, rising prices for energy carriers and the replacement of bioethanol produced from corn instead of fossil fuels.
In 2018, the United States exported 57 million tonnes, the largest corn exporting country, followed by Brazil with 34 million tonnes, and Argentina with 32 million tonnes ranked second and third.


Behshahr company position in supplying corn

Survey of production and import statistics shows that the amount of corn imports in the country is affected by increasing production of crops that have a role to play in their production, as well as the decline in domestic production has increased to over 6 million tonnes and is currently in need of annual production. According to production and import statistics, maize is more than 7.3 million tons in the country. Behshahr Industries Company has imported about 636 thousand tons of corn in the last three years.